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Digital Marketing for Small Business

We provide marketing solutions and research that leverage the power of the Internet to generate demand for the products and services you sell. Not only is our system tried and tested for over 15 years in the industry, we also work side-by-side with you – helping you implement the marketing system quickly to gain rapid results.

With our simple to implement systems and expert coaching, you receive an up-to-date, effective internet marketing solution. Let us Help You Advance Your Business by establishing trust between your company and your prospective customers with the right online presence.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become more than just rankings. When a business owner hears the term they are thinking more customer / clients. Clay Digital Consulting is a Atlanta SEO Firm that does just that. 

Jacob Mathews

As a marketing manager it's my job to do market research and know how to effectively promote for the launch. Mike and his team take out all the guessing. The market research from the Digital Marketing Blueprint saved us thousands on this launch.

Web Design

Wordpress Web Dsign

A strong web presence and a professional business website is crucial to your digital marketing and ability to generate solid leads online. We don’t believe in building a pretty website without marketing which is why we are taking a bold approach to get you what your business needs. All of our websites are build with marketing in mind, and digital marketing starting WITH your site.

Digital Marketing

What are you looking for in online marketing? Many business owners want better Google rankings, more traffic, or various other items. What if we showed you that the focus shouldn’t be smoke and mirrors like the “other seo experts” want to talk about, but RESULTS. Isn’t what you want LEADS, and Phone calls? We focus on peaking interest of visitors on your website to generate a LEAD.


Are you ready to control your own marketing? We have what you need. Because we focus on marketing as a service we decided that teaching and coaching business owners in digital marketing should be the same. A Service with education. We provide various packages that are a mix of coaching and analytics giving you what you need to get results, and the tools to understand what to do next.